Journey to Malachi
Journey to Malachi


Through a biographical journey of my life, Journey to Malachi offers a fresh look into the perils of sexual abuse and its physical and emotional after-effects. It also offers a radical perspective on being an active Christian yet dealing with the realities of homosexuality and other sexual sins. As a tale of the drastic realities and complications (caused by sexual awareness being awakened too soon), Journey to Malachi opens up the floodgates for honest conversations from both the church and society as a whole regarding molestation, rape and sexuality. Read more

Malachi Jeremiah Stewart

About Malachi Jeremiah Stewart

Malachi Jeremiah Stewart is an ancient vessel housed in a modern body. In 2011, he was entrusted to lead Prophetic Streams Ministries in Philadelphia, PA as a unique tributary of Kingdom life, by declaring the finished work of Christ and dispensing the ‘unforced rhythms of grace.’

Currently, Malachi is pursuing a degree in Religion and Christian Counseling at Liberty University and seeks to work in full time ministry, both at locally and globally. Read more


Excerpt from the Book

As I begin to unfold the chapters of my life, and share my testimony, it is my prayer that your life will be blessed in knowing that you are not alone in your own personal trials, tribulations or struggles.
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